Magnum Wealth Partners was founded in 2004. It is the successful outcome of the principal’s extensive experience in the financial services industry.

Our understanding of the market place helped us in our crusade to become one of the most respected organizations in our field.

We specialize in providing customized insurance services to families, high net worth individuals and business owners to serve their risk management and financial planning needs.

Our commitment goes well beyond making a sale. We strive to ensure our clients’ best interest is served first. Whether it is a basic family need, a business, professional or corporate need, they are all treated with the utmost care and professionalism. When dealing with Magnum Wealth Partners you are dealing with an organization that demonstrates clarity of vision and solidity of purpose for the benefit of our clients.

Careful selection of products and product suppliers was, and will continue to be, of utmost importance to us. Their financial stability, proven business models and ethical practices are carefully investigated in order to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ hard-earned dollars.

As we move forward, we continue our promise and practice to be careful and diligent and serve you with transparency, honesty and integrity.

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